Saturday, 5 October 2013

Viper - TecnoEpoxy

I recently spent a really interesting few hours with team Medina who run TecnoEpoxy.

I've had one of their Vector DS's for years. Not only is it a great DS model it os also a fun alrounder that's fun to fly and massively strong and versatile for those untested slopes. In fact mine has done thousands of miles as it permanently lives in my camper van.

It was really interesting to see the CAD design and moulds for their new F3F model the Viper. The Vendetta, which Jorge helped design, has many similarities and its performance is excellent. Jorge intents to use the excellent LDS system rather than RDS. The prototype fuselage was very light yet incredibly strong.

Production should be underway by Christmas. Contact team Medina if you want to know more or get on the waiting list. Also check out their website for some interesting UAV stuff and their excellent Latigo F3K model.