Sunday 15 May 2011

Scottish Summer League 4

My first competition in my new home of Scotland was great fun.  Even the 2.5m walk to the NNW face of West Lomond was welcome exercise and richly rewarded with a bunch of good sub 40 second runs.  Dave Watson had FTD with an excellent 34.00.
The standard of flying was really high and those that got thermals certainly capitalised on them.
There's a lot of coastline around here... I can feel some exploring coming on!

1 Kevin Newton 8359.21
2 Peter Gunning 8335.40
3 David Watson 8328.09
4 Mike McCracken 7953.88
5 Ian Stewart 7805.60
6 Ewan Maxwell 7653.68
7 Craig Maxwell 4123.42
8 David Loomes 1681.58