Saturday 5 October 2013


It's time for a quick update on the Rotmilan now that I've flown it a lot more.

My initial impressions were of excellent quality, great looks and very impressive flying characteristics. After spending several months flying it as my number one model I have if anything become even more impressed.

The quality is as good as planes twice its price. In fact, with fuselage ballast, crisp fit and finish, pull for up really neatly done and excellent wing linkages there is a real joy of ownership about the Rotmilan that makes it one of the best packages I've ever seen.

The flying is excellent whether you're flying old school or energy management. The Rotmilan also gobbles ballast and carries the energy beautifully. The fuselage ballast is handy and I regularly fill up the joiner too. As a bonus, it is without doubt one of the easier models to set up.

You can pick one up from Milan Demčišák Jr for €1,090, which probably makes it the most readily available, best value top class F3F machine out there. Why one earth wouldn't you drop Milan an email or visit the RTG website?