Sunday 9 January 2011

Winter League 2

Fun day.  15 mph Westerly on Mickey's slope.  Very variable.
Martin trounced us all in good style!

1 Martin Newnham 7604.24
2 Joel West 7205.80
3 Kevin Newton 7146.62
4 Simon Thornton 7130.02
5 Mark Southall 7060.36
6 Andrzej Tabero 7019.51
7 Mike Evans 6945.34
8 Dave Rumble 6846.88
9 Ian Mason 6817.30
10 Mark Abbotts 6794.55
11 Clayton Landells 6539.02
12 Scott Edwards 6422.72
13 Frank Hulton 6344.47
14 Paul Stubley 6123.40

Saturday 8 January 2011


I've had a lot on my mind lately so it was great to blow the cobwebs away and try and kill the Voltij again.
The Slope is Porthgwarra near Lands End. Bit cocked off but still spanking fun - thanks Vic!

Voltij from Kevin Newton on Vimeo.

Technoline BL700 charger

It's not often I get stuff that exceeds my expectations but this clever little rascal is absolutely fab.  I've got dozens of Eneloops in remotes, toothbrushes, micro heli TXs, camera flashes etc etc. and the wall chargers just seem to simmer the poor little suckers into submission.  
Whereas the Technoline BL700 charges them individually at up to 700 mAh, it'll cycle them until it finds their max capacity, it'll discharge and it tell you how much it's put in each cell.  Plus you can do any of that to each cell individually at the same time.
I've already been through dozens of cells bringing their capacity back up to scratch again.  Best £30 I've spent in a while!

Thursday 6 January 2011


She's on her way soon....