Wednesday 27 September 2017

Welsh Open 2017 - results - photos - report

Welsh Open 2017

Welsh Open 2017

Another year and another Welsh Open.  We’ve been running them for 20 years now, which makes them quite an institution. 
The last six or seven years it’s just been down to Andrzej and myself to organise and run them, and I live 400+ miles away.  Of course the reality is that people like Mark Treble, Joel, Stefan, Jon Edison and others step up over the three days and provide the real work that the competition couldn’t run without. We’re all indebted to them. 
This year I decided that I’d use this year’s event to make up my mind whether or not I attend any more - is it worth all the hassle? For the last few years I have only flown in Spain and at the the Welsh Open (other than one Scottish comp), so I need get to Wales a day early to have a fly. That means three days off work, 18 hours driving and getting home at 1 in the morning for work the next day. Also, because we have so few people to organise it, there’s always a last minute scramble and more pressure that there needs to be.  Anyone who didn’t occasionally question the sanity of that should probably not be allowed out unaccompanied!
The competition was, as ever, good fun. It was brilliant to see some old friends come back and to make some new friends too. 
Plenty of rounds flown. Plenty of fast times. Notable performances from many, particularly Rich Bago and Mark Abbotts. 
A great tussle between Iñaki and Fernando finally saw Iñaki come out on top. He’s always been awesome to watch - 100% commitment - and over recent years has converted exceptional rounds into exceptional competitions, and that's brought plenty of richly deserved trophies. 
As for me, I had an excellent time - thanks largely to the aforementioned who helped out. So much so that my pot of enthusiasm feels replenished, hopefully for another 20 years!

1 Iñaki Elizondo6672.49
2 Fernando Moro6507.86
3 richard bago6420.04
4 Mike Shellim6296.60
5 Joel West6225.48
6 John Phillips6120.35
7Mark Abotts6107.28
8 Alvaro Silgado6076.53
9 Greg Dakin6071.90
10 Kevin Newton6067.16
11 Arjen van Vark6066.52
12 Mark Treble6000.12
13 Graeme Mahoney5966.67
14 Stefan Bertschi5948.36
15 Andy Burgoyne5889.46
16 Jose Luis Alvarez5886.74
17 Stefan Fraundorfer5857.99
18 Paul Stubley5845.14
19 Daniel Schneider5803.36
20 Peter Aanen5800.10
21 Dave Rumble5797.46
22 Thomas Deinert5780.94
23 Keith Wood5741.02
24 Jose Ramon Azcona5713.63
25Mark Passingham5698.21
26 Klaus Brettner5694.05
27 Stefan Bernardy5675.20
28 Martin Drewett5659.08
29 Bernardo Gomez-Mayan5635.72
30 Mike Evans5585.87
31 Jason Bioletti5558.28
32 Martin Ulrich5530.15
33 Tony Livingstone5495.09
34 Martin Overberg5463.77
35 Rick Ruijsink5460.85
36 Nigel Witchalls5400.40
37 Stewart Wallace5395.34
38 Mick Walsh5348.64
39 John Treble5342.17
40 Tony Robertson5239.51
41 Jon Edison5180.41
42Les Wood5172.72
43 Allen Elliott5150.14
44 Peter Burgess5122.05
45scott ravenscroft3285.93
46 George Young2614.21
47 Peter Gunning2613.36
48 Dave Watson1555.7

Monday 28 August 2017

Added a new page for those Scotland bound...

Scotland has some amazing slopes, like anywhere though, if you know where you're going it makes life a whole lot easier. So, with huge thanks to all the chaps who contributed to this, here you go...

Monday 2 January 2017

Welsh Open 2017 dates and entry details confirmed

The 2017 Welsh Open F3F will be held on 15, 16 & 17 September.

Entry will open at 9:00 on Monday, 6 Feb and close at midnight of 25 August.
More details are here.