Saturday 19 November 2011

Magnetic switch

This is a great device!
You plug it between the battery and Rx and swipe it with a magnet to turn it on and off.  It's tiny, safe as houses and means you only need to tape your nose cone on once!
To get yours for €20 visit Zepsus.

Fosa repairs

Back in the summer in North Yorkshire I had a bit of a moment and pancaked the Fosa in.  Whilst these latest fuselages are unbelievably light and more than strong enough in the air they don't like loads that they weren't designed for.  So even a relatively low energy arrival can crease them up if the loads were not in the designed for directions.
In this case it broke the boom in two, cracked it behind the wing root and generally mangled it around the forward part of the wing root.  The inner nose and nosecone were creased as well.
I enjoy repairing fuselages and this one was actually pretty simple and so rewarding I even bothered to paint it!
The photos should give you an idea of the steps used. Halfords acrylic paint used throughout - it's fantastic stuff.
And... it gave me a chance to install a brilliant magnetic switch from Zepsus.
See photos on iPad or iPhone

Tuesday 1 November 2011