Saturday 8 May 2010

Viking Race 2010 - day 1

Good chance to get to know the hill at Laurac today. The wind started very light with a few landings out and then filled in as the day went on, to the point where ballast was a necessity. As usual at viking races there were one or two planes in the air at the same time, to say the least.

The two courses were both working, as was the famous hole in the air at one of the bases! Unfortunately a couple of weeks before the event the farmer had implemented his bright idea to plough under the lovely soft long grass in the landing area and unearth thousands of stones that had been hidden for millions of years!

The pilots and locals did a walk through to remove the worst stones but those who bypassed the small grass strip for the proper landing zone gained a lot of scrapes for their troubles. We're not quite sure what the landing plan is for day one of the competition today, they may have some nets to use, which should be a giggle - I'll get the camera ready.

More soon...