Sunday 16 August 2009

Vikos - part 1

A quick look at the airframe before we go out to play.

If it looks right, feels right and smells right, then it normally is right.

Amazing amount of room. Great to have fuselage ballast. It'll take around 700g, so if it's really blowing you'll need to use the wing tubes.

Really impressive fit and finish. I was surprised how good it was, and I had fairly high expectations!

Nice, neat and easy.

Again, nice, neat and easy.

Look down that hinge line - not a cavity or big useless splodge of epoxy and microballoons in sight. Top notch.

This tail cone arrangement is the best I've seen. Normally they are horribly fiddly to tape up but this is perfect.

And it fits without needing to trim it for the real world of things waggling inside.

Pre-bevelled joiner is a really nice touch.

Very nice quality.

Fit and finish around the tail area is notoriously hard to get right, but Radek has done an excellent job

Again, getting the canopy to fit perfectly is something other manufacturers struggle with but the Vikos is spot on.