Sunday, 9 August 2009

Skorpion repairs

Feeling a bit ghoulish... watch this, full screen of course...

My first Skorpion was a fantastic plane. One thing was apparent though, it was much happier when the transmitter batteries had charge in them. It was this revelation that lead to my MPX 4000 getting Lipo power.

The Skorpion had gone from being happy as a sand boy, tearing around the Spanish skies full of ballast, to a crumpled heap that had bounced it's way down the westerly face at La Muela.

Given the nature of the incident the damage could have been worse but as it was the bits were headed for the Hotel Infante trash can to save a bit of weight on the flight home. That's before Alvaro suggested that I let Miguel Medina (of Vector fame) have a look to see if he could do anything. With nothing to lose I left the bits with Al, exchanged a few emails with Miguel and his son, Jorge, and a month or so later a big box appeared outside my door in Wales...

Initially, I was absolutely convinced that they were a new set of wings. The finish was perfect and any weight difference was imperceptible - really, perhaps 10 grammes per panel. Looking inside the servo well showed a bit of overspray, so it was true; Miguel is a magician! And his magic potion was some low expansion, high density squirty foam from R and G.

Of course the old girl flew absolutely perfectly with no hint of the previous trauma. What worried my though was how stable the expanded foam repair would be.

Well, after several months of hot and cold, wet and dry nothing had shifted, sagged or bulged even a fraction of a millimeter. I ended up selling the Skorp - one careful owner, never raced or rallied etc - to a good chum and saw it regularly for years, and still she remains perfect. So perfect in fact that there was never any point taking photos of the finished repairs because you couldn't see them!

Below is the repaired airframe back over La Muela the following year, zoom in and you still won't see a mark.

Thank you Miguel!