Welsh Open '21

The 2021 Welsh Open F3F will be held on 17, 18 & 19 September.
Organising competitions this year is difficult but we have now made some decisions about the Welsh Open.
As usual it will be generously sponsored by MKS and T9 HobbySport - thanks guys! 
We don’t know what Covid rules will be in place at the time of the event, so we will need to be flexible. Some key points competitors need to know:
  • Entry will open on 1 May at 10:00 am British Summer Time here www.gbsra.co.uk
  • Everyone who applies will be put on a list, with those who apply first at the top of the list. 
  • Nearer the event, when we know what Covid rules will apply, we will declare the maximum pilot capacity and take those at the top of the list first. 
  • All pilots will be responsible for meeting the legal travel obligations of their own country and the UK. 
  • It seems likely travel restrictions will result in some pilots needing to drop out. If that is the case we will go to the next person on the list and offer them a place. 
  • We won’t collect an entry fee until we have certainty about who will be flying.

Keeping in touch
You might want to join the Facebook group that will keep people up to date before and during the event.

How to enter 
Entry will open on 1 May at 10:00 am GMT here www.gbsra.co.uk
We need to cover the expenses of land usage, trophies and so on; the entry fee is €45. Due to the uncertainty created by Covid 19 we are not setting a deadline for payment just yet.

As well as the top three individual trophies there will be a trophy for each member of the winning three man team. You do not have to fly as a team, but if you want to, either include your team details when you enter.

The event 
Each day you must be at the Bwlch T junction of the A4107 and A4061 (map here) by 9.30. For the first two days the last round in progress will be that running at 17:30; for the final day the last round in progress will that running at 16:00.
If the conditions are light or wet and a round started before 17:00 is unlikely to be completely finished that day the Competition Director will consider using group scoring so that we don't lose several hours of competition time. Group scoring will be a last resort and will not be used if at all possible.

Additional information
Bases will be set back as far as possible, this will allow the safety line to go back a little also for increased safety. The turn points will be marked in the normal forward position by an additional marker.

The first pilot to fly on day one will be picked by a random number generator.  The starting pilot will be rotated by one third each day.

Pilots will be called upon to help with buzzing as our experience has been that pilots make great turn judges. When buzzing you will be very strongly instructed to acknowledge any buzzing errors and the pilot will refly immediately. We all know that some apparently late buzzes are just great flying, others are turn judge error and it is this that we want to acknowledge and eradicate in a supportive way for the turn judge. This worked very well in previous years and we are keen to build on that success.

New Civil Aviation Authority 'drone' registration scheme
We are currently investigating how this will apply to pilots visiting the UK and will keep you updated. The worst case scenario is that you will have to complete the very simple test here and pay an additional £9.