Top stuff

This is my list of stuff that makes me happy


These are just plain excellent. Beautifully engineered, quality components, great performance. You pay a little for the quality but most people who skimp or servos live to regret it.


I've had a bunch of Canon 1Ds over the years but the 7D is just perfect for flying shots. Great auto focus, great resolution, excellent metering and not as heavy as the 1D!  

This Sony NEX3 has replaced my compact cameras and it's just amazing. It is tiny and no more trouble to carry around than a compact but the image quality is miles ahead, even than my LX5. The low light performance is stunning, 1600 iso is totally usable with virtually no noise. Oh, and it's super cheap too.


Revolectrix Cellpro Multi4 Charger I liked this so much I actually bought two of them. They are lust perfect for Lipos and NIMHs.

Technoline BL700 charger. If you ever charge individual cells you need to get one of these.
I've already been through dozens of cells bringing their capacity back up to scratch again. Best £30 I've spent in a while!


Zepsus magnetic switch. Until you've used one an just taped your nosecone on once a session you've never lived!

Outdoor clothes
Arcteryx - excellent design, great warmth. You never regret an Arcteryx. 
Icebreaker - the best merino by miles. Expensive but worth it.
Rab - the best down jackets you can get.
Marmot and Mountain Equipment - just plain good stuff.
Rohan - the styling is a bit dull but the design and technical side is amazing.