The Bwlch mountain is around 35 minutes drive NW of Cardiff. The whole lot is rented by two local farmers with whom the South Wales Soaring Association enjoy a good relationship. To ensure this continues flyers are expected to be courteous at all times to other countryside users and not to leave any litter.

Every slope has its own characteristics, all are excellent some are awesome, others are better :)

The Wrecker (NE) and VR98 slope (N)
Best Competition Times
Wrecker 32.42 Knewt in Dec 08 (at the same event Greg Dakin flew 32.02 on a crow through)
VR98 Slope 32.90 (Jan Hansen - was a world record at the time)

There is a lay-by to park in near the arrow on the map. You can fly from your car if you’re scared of heights. The braver can walk along the ridge to the left or right depending on the wind direction until you find the best lift. Do not overfly the cars. In a breeze over 10mph do not land in the field to the west, vicious rotor will tear your plane to pieces. Instead walk behind you across the road to the highest point (about 100m walk) and land there in perfect rotor-free air. You’ve been warned!

The Crest, East, SE and NE
Best Competition Time lots of sub 30s

Park on the road as close to the verge as you can, level with the main ridge face. Walk across as far as you need to find the best lift. There is a small fence to hop over, do not damage it. The lift is awesome. When landing walk backwards until you feel a steady breeze blowing the correct way. Then walk a bit further and land without difficulty. Do not try and land near the slope edge in anything other than a very gentle breeze.

Back of the Wrecker (El Bastardo) South and SE
Best Competition Time 30.xx (Greg Dakin 2016 Welsh Open 2016)

Park in the same lay-by as for the Wrecker. Walk across the road and across the grass to the highest point. Around 150 metres from the lay-by you will reach the slope. You can fly anywhere along the slope but to avoid rotor on landing it is best to land on the highest ground, the same area as used for the Wrecker.

Ice cream slope, NW
Best Competition Time 30.94 (Kevin Newton in August 08)

Park in the lay-by at the T-junction. The path runs along the face of the hill, follow it for about 350 metres until the rise on you right disappears. Flying here is superb and landing is easy on the flat area.

Want to see a video of an average lift day on the Ice ceam slope?

Mickey's Slope, W and SW
Best Competition Times
SW 29.37 (IƱaki Elizondo in September 2010)
W 29.45 (Carlos Cantero in September 2005)

Park as for the Ice cream slope. Follow the gravel path until it starts to run parallel with the slope face. Chose the best place to fly for the exact wind direction. Most areas are rotor free and fine to land, use common sense. Competition days we get the key and drive up :-)


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