Sunday, 25 March 2012


My Stinger arrived today...

Let's try a little quiz. Put your hand up if you've ever taken delivery of a VV model. Ok, keep your hand up if you didn't spend hours stroking it, with a tear in your eye at wonder at the unparalleled perfection. Yep, that'll be no hands left up then.

The Stinger is build quality perfection. Super stiff, super light and that indefinable something that just screams that it's built by the best craftsman in the business. I love Vaclav.

The Stinger looks like it will tear around the sky with the best of them but quite frankly I don't care. My new house has a 20ft high ceiling in the living room and between flights I might just hang it from the ceiling and spend the long summer evenings just gazing longingly in its general direction.

Nearly forgot, thanks for the colour scheme Roman, you da man!

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