Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pike Precision

Samba have just sent me a little something to cheer me up... and it's gorgeous.
The quality is top notch.  The fuselage is incredibly light yet the boom is ridiculously stiff.  The tailplanes are the same.
The wing is pretty light and awesomely stiff. As you'd expect from Samba the leading edge is perfect.
The RDS is nice and tight.  The MKS servos are fitted before the wing is closed and there are no hatches.  It looks gorgeous but I'll be a bit nervous when I plug the servos in and power up to see where the neutral is.
The inner nose has a clever 'flat' in it so that you can lay your 2.4gHz aerial in it without it rubbing on the nosecone.
More soon... or visit the Samba site and see a lot, lot more detail.