Sunday, 31 October 2010

More Extreme bits

Some more work on the Extreme and a quick conversion of my spare MPX P4000 to 2.4 gHz.  A few highlights so far...
  • The quality of the Extreme components really is absolutely first rate.  Strong and light with excellent seams and great fit.
  • Like most mouldies the Extreme does need a little fettle here and there.  The incidence pin holes need relieving a little in the fuz and the pushrods were a little tight in the snake (which I made up a neat Dremel attachment  to resolve - see photos).  These are however completely insignificant, especially when put into the context of the excellent component quality. 
  • The tail linkage geometry is absolutely spot on.
  • The Sanwa 762 are a great fit in the fuz and just as fantastic as they've always been.  SlopeRacer carry them as stock how.
  • The MPX 2.4 gHz conversion is so easy to fit and works so well it is untrue.  I can see me doing the whole fleet much sooner than I'd imagined.  I got mine from T9 along with the MKS DS6125 wing servos which really do feel like the mutts nuts.