Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Welsh Open 2010 - 17, 18 , 19 September

****Raffles prizes and teams updated*****


SloperRacer have come up with a package that gives us all a chance to win some great prizes and support an excellent charity at the same time. You're entry fee entitles you to 5 x £1 raffle tickets courtesy of the wonderful SWSA. Race entrants or anyone else on the planet are encouraged to buy more tickets by contacting Ian Mason at info@sloperacer.co.uk

The funds will be donated to Southmead Hospital Neonatal intensive care, which was originally built with donations. They provided top draw care for Ian Mason's son John, one to one nursing and consultants that just never seemed to go home. Things like help for the parents are funded purely by donations and include beds for the knackered parents, food, christenings and arranging everything when it doesn't work out. Get on to Ian at info@sloperacer.co.uk  and do a good thing now, you might even come away with a fabulous pride.

The prizes are:
F3F Extreme
Mini Vector
Jart EPP
2.4ghz multiplex evo Pro system
2* Lift tiicket to Norway
2* Lift Licket DVDs
1 year sub scriptions to AMI, RCM & E QEFI

As well as the top three individual trophies there will be a trophy for each member of the winning three man team. You do not have to fly as a team, but if you want to, either include your team details when you enter or get them to me by 14 September.

Entry fee

We need to cover the expenses of land usage, trophies, Eurotour fees and so on. We expect the entry to be £25. You won't need to pay before the event.

The event

Each day you must be at the Bwlch T junction of the A4107 and A4061 (map here) by 9.00. Each day the last round in progress will be that running at 17:30. If the conditions are light and a round started before 17:30 is unlikely to be completely finished that day the Competition Director will consider using group scoring so that we don't lose several hours of competition time. Group scoring will be a last resort and will not be used if at all possible.


The banquet has been arranged for Saturday 18th September at the Best Western Heronston Hotel (the same hotel as 2009)
Ewenny Road
CF35 5AW

Map details can be found at

Arrival time is from 7:00 p.m. and a fully stocked cash bar is adjacent to the Mallard suite. This year we will be seated in the KINGFISHER Suite for the banquet scheduled to start at 8:00 p.m.

Fan of melon served with a mixed berry compote

Main course
Breast of Chicken wrapped in bacon and served with a white wine cream sauce Served with seasonal vegetables and potatoes

Profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce

Coffee and chocolate mints

A vegetarian menu is available for those wishing it -- just let Vic know ASAP.

The cost of the banquet including wine at the table will be £29.00 per head. Payment will have to be made in cash at the Friday Sept 17th pilot's briefing on the Bwlch. There are no facilities to take cheques or credit cards. Email Vic Eldridge at tlr@thelittlerascal.co.uk stating names and number of bookings.

Additional information
Bases will be set back as far as possible, this will allow the safety line to go back a little also. The turn points will be marked in the normal forward position by an additional marker.
We are currently considering rotation of the flying order - more information soon.
Pilots will be called upon to help with buzzing as our experience has been that pilots make great turn judges. When buzzing you will be very strongly instructed to acknowledge any buzzing errors and the pilot will refly immediately. We all know that some apparently late buzzes are just great flying, others are turn judge error and it is this that we want to acknowledge and eradicate in a supportive way for the turn judge. This worked very well last year and we are keen to build on that success.

Name Country Team F1 F2
Adam Richardson England Team Flymo 2.4gHz
Adrian Bedford England Team Dorset 66 76
Andres Cardona Spain
Andrzej Tabero Wales
89 63
Bjorn Tore Hagen Norway Team Arctic Circle 2.4gHz
Cedric Grandseigne France
Clayton Landells Australia Team Flymo 2.4gHz
Dag Skoglund Norway Team Arctic Circle 2.4gHz
Dave Rumble England
88 70
Dave Wright England
Fernando Moro Spain Watering Cans 76 Synth
Frank Hulton England Team GBR 80 70
Gerardo Plaza Spain Watering Cans Synth
Graham Reed England
Greg Dakin England Tea Swillers 77 80
Iain Medley-Rose England Team Dorset 61 78
Ian Mason England Team GBR 82 77
Iñaki Elizondo Spain Watering Cans Synth
Jason Bioletti

Jean Luc Foucher France
72 77
Joel West England Mickey's Massive 2.4gHz
John Bennett England
64 74
John Phillips England Tea Swillers 62 70
Jon Edison England Team Steam 67 75
Jonathon Sage England Team SATO 90 82
José Luis Alvarez Fernandez Spain
69 80
Keith Wood England
57 82
Kevin Newton England Team GBU 77 68
Knut Eirik Lyngmo Norway Team Arctic Circle 2.4gHz
Marcelino Puñal Spain
Mark Abbots England Team GBR 56 84
Mark Redsell England Dragon Slayers 81 85
Martin Newnham England Team GBU 2.4gHz
Mick Lideard England
71 76
Mick Walsh England Team SATO Synth
Mike Evans England Dragon Slayers 80 87
Mike McCracken Scotland
Mike Shellim England
72 64
Paul Foster England
65 Synth
Paul Garnett England Dragon Slayers 78 Synth
Paul Middleton England Team Steam Synth
Peter Gunning Scotland Mickey's Massive 85 80
Richard Bago England Team Steam 2.4gHz
Ron Broughton England
74 75
Ron Russell Scotland
72 76
Scott Ravenscroft England Team Flymo 2.4gHz
Simon Thornton England Team GBU 2.4gHz
Stefan bertschi Switzerland Mickey's Massive 2.4gHz
Stuart Brookes England Team Dorset 2.4gHz
Tim Cone USA
64 79
Tony Robertson England
Vic Eldridge England Team SATO 70 76